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AmeriCommerce is an e-commerce platform provider founded back in 2005. In late 2014 the company behind the platform was acquired by American financial services provider Capital One. Capital One itself was founded in 1994 and in the last 20 years it has become a respected and popular company. Capital One is listed in the New York Stock Exchange with a market cap of around $40 billion (as of early 2015). So if you are looking for a platform that is owned by a huge American company with good reputation this is the platform for you.

Before we go in the to actual review here is one important fact for our international readers : Despite of it's suggestive name AmeriCommerce is available to customers from around the globe.

The 30 second summary review of AmeriCommerce

AmeriCommerce is one of the best, if not the best, e-commerce platform available in 2015. The site is designed in a way that makes it both easy and pleasant to configure your store. The monthly and yearly plans have a pricing that is in line with the other top service providers and there are no transaction fees charged by AmeriCommerce with any of the plans. The customer service is top-notch and the stores created by AmeriCommerce look nice, and are easy to use for both the customers and the store-owners. For more information keep reading below. Or if you are ready register click here to signup.

Signup process

The signup process at AmeriCommerce is very simple. When you arrive to their home page enter your name, phone number and email and click "start trial now" after that a new window opens up in it you are asked to choose your password. After that you are all set to start trying out the features of AmeriCommerce. A very nice feature of the signup process is the fact that you can try out the software without having to give out your credit card or other payment details.

Choosing a theme

The first thing you need to do in the AmeriCommerce platform is choosing a theme to use for your online store (don't worry, you can easily change it later). Currently there are two types of themes available: free themes and themes that cost $95. Even the free themes are of high quality.

Before installing a theme you can view a live demo of the theme as well as you will get information about all the important features of it. The install process itself is easy and pain-free. You simply hit one button and the site does all the work for you. No need to download or upload anything from your computer. Once your theme is installed, it is easy to do smaller and bigger modification to it. These include for an example easily changing the colors of links and changing the design of buttons used on your store. Experienced users can also use CSS editor. All the themes are mobile responsive.

Adding new products

The next stage of setting up your store at AmeriCommerce is adding your first product. This follows automatically once you have installed a theme. When adding a product you simply need to add the product name, price of the product, possible photo of it and then a category for the product plus a product description, if you would like to. That might sound like lot of steps, but the process is very simple and easy even for those having no computer skills. Once you have added the first product you can easily start to add and remove products from the store catalog by choosing "catalog" -> "products" in the back-office.

Creating special checkout features

This is something that is especially well done at this service provider and thus deserves to be mentioned in this review. At the back-office you can easily add special features such as "minimum order amount" and allowing customer to split their order among two or more payments methods to your store's checkout process. Obviously it is also, for an example, very easy to create coupons that can be used in the checkout.

Order notifactions

When you create your first store with AmeriCommerce an order notification service is automatically set-up, meaning that if you receive a new order an email will be automatically sent to your registered email address. However, you can also easily add other email address that also receive information about new orders. Naturally, addresses can also be removed from the list so that they no longer receive the order information.

Monthly and yearly pricing & plans

At the moment there are 5 different plans available for customers. The cheapest plan, "Steel", costs $24.95/month and the most expensive plan, "Platinum", costs $299/month. According to AmeriCommerce the most popular plan is "Silver" at $99/month. For all the plans there are yearly discounts: you get 12 months for the price of 10 if you buy the yearly plan.

AmeriCommerce doesn't charge transaction fees with any of the plans and it easy to cancel your plan at any time. A 14 day free trial is available for all the new customers. 

When it comes to the differences between the plans there are only three things that change depending on your plan: 1) the amount of products you can add to your store (100 to unlimited), 2) the amount of traffic your store can receive (even the cheapest plan can handle enough traffic for the vast majority of stores), 3) the amount of storage your site has.

Customer service offered by AmeriCommerce

Wow! That is the one word in which I would sum up the customer support experience I had when testing the AmeriCommerce customer service. I used the live-chat feature on their website and got service that was quick, helpful and friendly. The live-chat can be easily launched on every page of their website. Phone and contact-request based customer service are also available.

Reports about customer behavior

Every good e-commerce platform comes with detailed reports about the customer behavior and this is certainly the truth with this platform as well. You can see detailed reports relating for an example to marketing, sales and visitors - including for an example information about the ways in which customers find your store.

Guides to help you create your store

All the popular e-commerce platforms obviously have guides available for their customers. However, so far I haven't come across anything that would be as easy-to-use and helpful as something special that AmeriCommerce offers. The "special something" is a feature called "launch list". You can easily it access from the top of each page of the AmeriCommerce back-office. What it is, is a 5 part guide that includes all the most important steps that every new store-owner needs to through in order to launch their store. This means that it includes information about shipping, taxes, accepting payments, naming your store and picking a plan. There are obviously also other types of guides and information available those using this platform, all the other guides and answers can be easily discovered from AmeriCommerce's "Knowledge Center" on their website.

Final verdict

At the moment this is the e-commerce platform that both looks and feels the most like the year we are living in. It is very easy to use even for the non-technical persons, the design of the backend looks clean and nice and you can do even complex sounding configurations to your store easily. When all this is combined with clear and competitive pricing we fully recommend this site for both new e-commerce business owners and those looking to switch from one platform to another.


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